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Delta-9 Hemp Assorted Flavor Bundle

MSRP: $170.00
(You save $55.00 )

Looking for a natural way to unwind but don't know where to start?

We've got your back. Elevate your evenings with the Bliss Bundle!

Each Bliss Bundle comes with:

• 1 - 30ct jar of Rainbow Candy Delta-9 Hemp Gummies
• 1 - 15ct jar of Dragonberry Delta-9 Hemp Gummies
• 1 - 15ct jar of Mango Passion Delta-9 Hemp Gummies

Say goodbye to your old routines. The new era of relaxation has arrived.

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What's Included?

The Essentials You Need To Unwind

"Calm Balanced De-Stress"

Say adios to anxiousness

"Calm Balanced Dreams"

Your dream sleep awaits

"Calm Balanced De-Stress"

Mellow out

Customer Reviews

Tastes Amazing!

First off, these are like straight up candy. Kind hard not to eat them all at once. Second, I hate taking stuff to sleep but at least these don't have melatonin in them. Just hemp. I just seem to sleep so much better when I take them. Can't speak to long term use but as far as taste yum like a little dessert and I can actually stay asleep so there's that. Highly recommend based on first impression.

Kate S

I'll never stop taking these!

I've been taking these for about a year now. I went without them for a bit and noticed a shift in my mood without them (it was not pretty). They taste amazing and they just brighten my evenings. What more could I ask for?

Chantal G


Helps me unwind and I could eat the entire jar in one day.

Neil B.

The New Era of Relaxation

Experience Bliss

Time to unwind and let tension melt away

Sleep Deeply

Supports deep relaxation for a more refreshing sleep experience


Wake up feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, and more balanced

Not All Delta-9 Gummies Are Created Equally

We pride ourselves in our quality and focus on premium Delta-9 Hemp.



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