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At Ooo La Lattes, we don't just want our customers to enjoy life—we want them to thrive.


That's why we only source our Organic Coffee and CBD from the best suppliers to provide top-notch quality and results.


We take pride in how we produce our products, so you can take pride in using them. 

how we do it

Nano-Technology CBD

Our CBD is made with an advanced process that breaks down the molecules to enhance their effects, creating a stronger, more effective experience than ever before! Only the best for our fans!

Third-Party Lab Testing

Certificate of analysis provided. We've done our due diligence to ensure our products meet industry standards. We believe in transparency! Find our certificates here.



We source industrial-grade hemp from trusted local farms here in the U.S. that practice safe and natural harvesting methods for a consistent supply of top-quality products.


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