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Delta-8 Hemp Assorted Flavor Bundle

MSRP: $165.00
(You save $40.00 )

Looking for a natural way to enhance your wellness routine but need help figuring out where to start?

We've got your back. Elevate everyday experiences with the Calm Bundle!

Each Calm Bundle comes with:

• 1 - 30ct jar of Strawberry Delta-8 Hemp Gummies
• 1 - 30ct jar of Blue Raspberry Delta-8 Hemp Gummies
• 1 - 30ct jar of Tropical Fruit Delta-8 Hemp Gummies

Your journey towards a calmer, more centered self starts here.

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What's Included?

The Essentials

"Clear Balanced Delights"

To promote a sense of balance

"Cancel Bad Days"

Bye-bye brain fog, hello clear mind 

"Clear Balanced Decisions"

Enjoy a mildly euphoric effect

Customer Reviews


Honestly so glad I bought the bundle. I can't decide which flavor is the best! I just feel like these really help me mellow out

Sophie H


No gatekeeping here. These are the absolute best! It's hard to not eat the entire jar in one sitting bc they're that good.

Elisa D

VERY Effective

I have tried a few other brand and these are by far the best-tasting ones. I can also feel them a lot more than the others! Will continue to purchase!!

Jayden B

The New Era of Relaxation

Feel the Calm

25mg per gummy helps you unwind and melts away tension

Find Your Balance

Our gummies support cognitive functions so you can live a more balanced life

Stay Sharp

Stay in control with dosages tailored to your needs

Not All Delta-8 Gummies Are Created Equally

We pride ourselves in our quality and focus on premium Delta-8 Hemp.



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No Artificial Sweeteners check mark x mark
Vegan check mark x mark
Fat-Free check mark x mark
Gluten-Free check mark x mark
Delicious AF check mark x mark

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