Ooo La Lattes coffee shop opened in the summer of 2010 to bring Lubbock, TX residents a taste of delicious coffee and smoothies with customer service that's out of this world. Our owner is a graduate of Texas Tech University, and we're one of the university's corporate partners. We love taking part in Texas Tech meetups and events around the Lubbock, TX area. Call 806-368-5906 to learn more about any upcoming community events Ooo La Lattes will be attending.

Try our custom coffee drinks and real fruit smoothies at your favorite coffee shop located in Lubbock, TX

Our baristas all undergo a rigorous two-week training program to learn how to make perfect coffee drinks. We consistently serve some of the best drinks in Lubbock, TX. We focus on customer satisfaction - that's why we deliver organic, 100% fair-trade coffee and smoothies filled with fresh fruit with a smile.

Come for the coffee, the smoothies or to chat with our friendly staff at the drive-thru window. Ooo La Lattes gives you the coffee shop experience and feel you have been looking for! We know all three will make you a repeat customer! Visit Ooo La Lattes in Lubbock, TX for a coffee experience unlike any other.

Enjoy a Cup of Steaming Hot Coffee in Lubbock, TX

Grab a latte at the best coffee shop in town

You can tell by the names of our drinks that we like to have fun at Ooo La Lattes. If you're in the mood for a drink that's out of the ordinary, try:

  • The Blondie - a caramel and white chocolate latte
  • The Sugar Daddy - a sweet and frothy caramel latte
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Latte - a fruity latte with your choice of white or dark chocolate
  • The Wild Thing - a berry delicious smoothie made with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and Monster Energy
  • The Elvis - a decadent smoothie made with peanut butter and ripe bananas

Or stick to the classics! Whatever you choose, the ladies at Ooo La Lattes will make it perfectly and deliver it with a smile. Drive up to our coffee shop in Lubbock, TX to grab a cup of delicious coffee or an exotic smoothie and say hi to our lovely baristas at your local coffee shop.