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About Our Coffee House, Founder & Team

About Our Coffee House

Joe Garcia

President (Founder)

Joe Garcia founded Ooo La Lattes coffee house in 2010 with a mission to help others succeed and build confidence within a woman lead company. He uses integrity, responsibility, and competency as the foundation of the business model in which he strives to achieve every day. Joe graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Computer Science in Engineering, as well as minors in Business Administration and Mathematics. He demonstrates outstanding leadership, commitment, and dedication within his business that he learned as a former Texas Tech Athlete. Personal development is extremely important to Joe. He believes that success is found in those who choose to push their limits and exceed their own expectations.

At Ooo La Lattes, all of our baristas are required to complete a rigorous and intensive two week course in which they learn the ins and outs of making high-quality coffee products in our coffee shop. We promote a team atmosphere where all of our baristas build each other up and create a professional work environment. Our coffee house employees are reliable, optimistic, and committed to their positions. All of our baristas are knowledgeable about our products and required to have a passion for creating them.