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About Our Coffee House, Founder & Team

About Our Coffee House

Joe Garcia

President (Founder)

Joe Garcia is a driven and dedicated young entrepreneur who strives to help others succeed. He has the integrity, responsibility, and competency needed to lead his company as it continues to grow.

As founder of the Ooo La Lattes coffee house in 2010, he has created an environment where any woman can feel empowered and confident within the female-led company. Joe believes that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Computer Science in Engineering and minors in Business Administration and Mathematics, Joe put himself through personal development training to help him grow as an individual and a business owner.

About Our Coffee House

Bre Velasquez

Director of Marketing

Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, Bre is a marketing director with a passion for elevating and empowering brands through the use of innovative research. After graduating at the top of her class from Texas Tech University and South Plains College, she has worked in every facet of marketing possible to strengthen her knowledge across the board.

About Our Coffee House

Shae Daugherty

Barista/Content Creation

Shae Daugherty is the creative mind behind photography and digital design at Ooo La Lattes. Originally from California, she ventured out to Lubbock in pursuit of new opportunities. She loves anything creative and is always looking for new ways to express herself. Shae enjoys spending time with her family and friends, photography, traveling, and exploring new places.

Ooo La Lattes is a company that provides high-quality espresso and smoothies, while providing an environment where baristas can thrive. We offer a rigorous and intensive two-week training for all new employees, high-quality organic products, a team atmosphere, and a professional work environment with reliable hours to be able to maintain other obligations such as school or family. Our baristas are knowledgeable about the products they create and must have a passion for it in order to be part of our team.