Best coffee in town and great smoothies and you don't even have to get out of your car

Always beautiful friendly faces to brighten your day and it also supports a local small business!

I love this place!! Ooo la lattes is wonderful.

...This place has really good coffee and an excellent staff. It's great fit a quick stop for a beverage. Their smoothies are excellent as well.

At least once a week, I stop in to get a Large hulk smoothie. This was the case yesterday and I got exactly what I paid for. The best smoothie in the world! Girls are always sweet! Yall need a South Lubbock location. I own a business as well, I guarantee this would be a cash cow addition! Keep everything else the same!

My first time buy there was Wednesday night. The coffee thing I got was great, lol. Not sure on the name lol. The girl that helped me, not sure I caught her name, was amazing. Service and all was on point, especially for as cold as it was considering what she was wearing, which btw was on point too! Lol. Beautiful women, good drinks! I'll def be back, very cute girls!

I love the Megan special and my boyfriend gets the strawberry and banana smoothie. We keep going there they are awesome!!!

Love the energy smoothies, the kracken is awesome and I am sure I spelled it wrong. Amanda and Naomi are super nice. Everyone is but these two seem to be there most of the times I go and are always smiling. I recommend this place. If you have not been then go if you have then go back again. I am sure I'll be there tomorrow to try the road runner.

Best Coffee House in Lubbock with an excellent view. The girls are pleasant to look at as well. I miss not being able to go there daily. I have to rely on Road Trips from Austin. This place is the PHIGGIDY BOMB Yo! Go check it out.

Yesterday was my husbands birthday and our anniversary! I thought this would be a fun flirty experience for him which it was. We will go back EVERYTIME we are in Lubbock! The coffee was excellent the service was the perfect mix of sweet and flirty! Loved the staff attire, definitely creative! Thank you Alicia for making our day a fun flirty one! I love that each girl signs the cup!

I love Oohla Lattes! They are able to accommodate my low carb diet with sugar free syrups and almond milk. They are very friendly too!

The coffee was really good. Probably one of the best lattes that I have had. Alicia was awesome. Made an excellent coffee and was a delight to visit with. Wish there was a ooo la lattes in Big Spring!

My family has been going here since they opened. THE BEST COFFEE IN TOWN. Friendly staff. My current fav is the blended Snicker's. Soooo delish.

I would drink their coffees over Starbucks any day. And it doesn't hurt that their coffees are made by gorgeous women.