When it comes to coffee, every coffee shop is different. We at Ooo La Lattes are very passionate about our coffee because we strive to be the best. We make every effort to ensure that beginning at the first sip, our customers experience the marvelous flavor that exists in each cup. Specializing in espresso, we have created a process that enhances the coffee profile and maintains consistency for every cup of coffee that we make. Here at Ooo La Lattes, we believe in high-quality products, equipment, and coffee beans. Our coffee beans are organic and fair trade. We work with a roaster that has the same dedication and passion for coffee as we do. As an amazing roaster, they are both an artist and a scientist. They have the ability to roast varietals to the optimum flavor and blend to create amazing coffee. Ooo La Lattes pursues the highest quality ingredients and therefore we are the only company in West Texas to have our brand of coffee.


Here at Ooo La Lattes we believe that simplicity is key. That's why all of our smoothies are homemade recipes that use fresh fruit and juices while having no additives or fillers. We strive for our products to be healthy and natural with a refreshing taste. In order to maintain standards, the process that we use to create the smoothies ensures quality and consistency. We offer smoothies in two categories. We have the delicious classic blends and the powerful energy smoothies. Our classic blends include the flavorful fruits that take you to bliss with every sip. While the energy smoothies put some pep in your step with the monster energy drink. We offer the option to add chocolate or vanilla protein powder into any smoothie to promote a healthy lifestyle or meal replacement. We at Ooo La Lattes believe in supporting our customer's healthy mind and body.