Step 1: Buy Gift Card
I ) Customers can buy and email the cards to themselves, their family, or friends on the ordering page.
Click either “Buy for yourself”
Send a digital gift card to friend or family
**Will Need Recipient’s Name & Email**
**Triple Check Email as verification can take up to 3 days to resolve in entered incorrectly**

II) Provide your Contact Info
Let’s make sure that you and your order can find each other. Provide your name, phone number, and email for a flawless transaction and email of receipt.

Step 2: Download “Gyft” app from App Store or Google Play
Create an account to access the digital gift card
Accounts can add gift card to Apple Wallets or Google Wallet for ease of use

Step 3: Accepting gift card payments
Ooo La Lattes will take gift card payments when customers make purchases.